Strong Managerial Organization

Anthony Lanford is a group of practically oriented businessmen who place their experience and expertise in handling a range of managerial and leadership related issues at your disposal.

Our clients are managers and business leaders who wish to supplement their own capacity with that of trustworthy peers for a shorter period of time or for a specific project.

These projects are almost always interact with  M&A based activities.

Several of our professional partners do have equity stake in the Company, thus allowing a direct involvement of highly motivated senior professionals throughout the project and the execution.

Individual and Tailor Made Solutions

Anthony Lanford is not following "fixed procedures", thus developed and executed according to the individual case.

Data are being compiled on a need-to-know basis and analyses  are carried out according  to the task in question.

Non-academic in its scope, we are ensuring comprehensive, pragmatic and executable recommendations and guidelines.

However the working method of Anthony Lanford is nevertheless based on proven academic and scientific methodology.

The responsible consultant for any specific project will stand accountable throughout the project and for the solutions proposed. 

Code of Conduct

The Anthony Lanford ’code of conduct’ is to ensure the customer’s privacy with  outmost discretion.

Anthony Lanford has implemented extensive procedures  to secure the above.

Your Advantages

  • Short “Time to market” processes. 
  • Strong organizational structure fertilizing  decision-making by the individual consultant.
  • Managerial and C-level experience and sensitivity. 
  • High affinity and access to funding mechanisms.