Anthony Lanford is a firm comprising two main focuses.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financing and Investing

We consider ourselves among the leading mergers and acquisitions advisors in the European market place, where the company and its professionals have advised on a substantial number of transactions.

Our staff are dedicated client team members, loyally taking care of our clients’ needs before, during and after a M&A transaction.

Anthony Lanford is a group of practically oriented businessmen who place at disposal their experience and expertise in handling a wide range of scenarios, including managerial and leadership related issues, investing and due diligence skills.

Their patrons are managers and leaders who wish to supplement their own capacity with that of trustworthy peers for a shorter period of time or for a specific project. These projects almost always interact with the above-mentioned M&A activities.

As our company derives from the M&A business through almost 30 years, we sometimes missed the satisfaction of seeing what the M&A work resulted in on a longer term for our clients. Previously we seldom saw the result of two companies being brought together - The upcoming IPO, or even just the sheer fact of realizing the actual synergies of bringing the continuing company to the “next level”, thereby increasing its value dramatically.

As a consequence we started our financing and investing “leg” of our business. Many of the same skills required in the M&A business is also key skills in executing creative solutions for a company to grow, or even taking the company through the next couple of levels until either a sale or a merge is required for the company to reach the next level in its lifecycle. Read more about our Financing and Investing topics.

We are constantly on the lookout for an investment opportunity

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