Structured Financing

Structured Trade Finance is the way of providing solutions that will help you become even more competitive.

Structured Trade Finance is preferably used for substantial transactions that encompass long production periods and credit periods from 180 days up to 5 years.

It is recommended that you contact Anthony Lanford at an early stage to discuss which may be preferred.

Whether you need short term discounting of receivables such as bills of discount, Promissory Notes, Export Letters of Credit or receivables secured by Standby Letter of Credit or other means of security such as an ECA (Export Credit Agency) guarantee, we urge you to contact us early on in order to find the most appropriate solution.

Export finance helps you to remove short or medium term receivables from your balance sheet, thereby reducing both credit and currency risks, improving liquidity, and simultaneously providing your customers with their desired payment terms. The majority of our products do not involve any element of recourse to the exporter.

Our global network and long standing experience help us understand the risks and opportunities related to export finance, and our competitive pricing and prompt service will save you time and money.