Further Services

Interim Management Solutions

General interim management is an issue when management takes leave with short notice or fail to agree or comply with the owners perspective and course.

Temporary management may be installed to carry out the "normal business" during a transition period or formulating new strategies while executing the existing in the interim or finding and assisting a new permanent management or, if need be, to find outside parties interested in taking over the business in question and overseeing a sale.

Anthony Lanford is typically hired by the owners, wanting to survive the interim period before selling of their company, or wanting to carry out a private placement in order for their company to reach the next level.

Setting up Affiliates and Installing Operations

Setting up affiliates and installing governance implies establishing new affiliates or reformulating existing ones as regards operational procedures, new products or conquering and securing new markets.


The Internationalization of operations include the identification of - and choice of markets and distribution channels, setting up partnerships and alliances, recruiting local core staff and getting operational procedures going.

Anthony Lanford will enter into such projects for a period of 6-18 months.