Merger & Acquisitions

Anthony Lanford has broad experience providing advisory services to company managers and executives having determined the initial criteria of the success of an acquisition to the final completion of the transaction.

We add considerable value to our customers in both the analysis phase as well as in the negotiation of the final terms.

Due to our role as external advisers, we contribute to an effective negotiating atmosphere and thereby a strong basis enabling collaboration and integration of the companies.

Our customers regarding acquisitions are typically:   

·     Companies, which due to growth strategies or structural conditions within the industry see a strategic opportunity in acquisitions for the purpose of achieving synergy advantages in connection with integration.

·     European companies, which due to an increased competition or pressure on price, need to seek strategic OEM Partners or outsource their production to Asia, in order to sustain or increase their position in the market place.

·     Foreign companies that wish to get a foothold in a new geographical market.

·     Private equity groups that want to carry through buy-out or industrial consolidation.

·     Managerial and financially strong individuals with a strong commercial background who are interested in acquiring companies that are ready for succession - Management Buy-In (MBI) or Management Buy-Out (MBO).

Concerning acquisitions abroad we have the ability, by means of our own partners and the IMAP network, to compose teams consisting of  in the respective countries.

An acquisition process is carried out throughout several phases over a long period of time.

Thus it is recommended that preparations collaborating with Anthony Lanford should begin promptly in order to optimize commercial, legal and financial conditions.

Anthony Lanford manages the entire acquisition process from the initial analysis of the buyer's situation, determination of success criteria, identification of and contact to selected companies, to the final negotiations and structuring of closing.

This process is carried out in close collaboration with the selected company’s advisers, including accountants and attorneys.