Anthony Lanford has specialized expertise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and related strategic and financial advisory through a substantial number of projects within various industries. 

We have a substantial base of experience regarding cross border deals, Management Buy Outs and Management Buy Ins.

We have a competent organization and network, which enables value added advisory to company owners defining realistic objectives and effectively complete the sales process.


Our clients are typically

  • Family-owned companies, which face a succession or are considering a disposal or merger with an industrial partner in order to strengthen the strategic position of the company.
  • Groups that wish to dispose companies/activities outside their core business.
  • Private equity and venture companies by determination of exit strategy for their portfolio companies.
  • MBO/MBI by take over of the company by internal or external management.  

The disposal process is carried out in several phases and is usually involving a longer period of time and best results are yielded when Anthony Lanford is employed right from the beginning of the process in order to optimize commercial, legal and financial conditions.

The early involvement of Anthony Lanford ensure that all opportunities and options are taken into consideration .

Anthony Lanford offer specialist advisory services in the areas of valuation (including valuation of synergies), takeover model, negotiation terms, conducting of due diligence and assessment regarding alternative buyers.

Anthony Lanford manages the entire process from the initial analysis and preparatory phase to the final negotiations and structuring of closing.

A process always carried out in close collaboration with the other company advisers, including accountants and attorneys.


Common mistakes

One of the greatest challenges for leveraged buyouts is to make sure that the business is not over-leveraged!

If it is, your company will have little room for error – which consequently leave room for financial problems. If things don’t go according to plan, the company could easily enter a financial tailspin.

One common cause of an over-leveraged buyout is the use of operational financing to finance the company purchase. This scenario happens if the management buyout team decides to leverage their accounts receivable and inventory to cover part of  the purchase price.

Leveraging these assets to buy the company leaves the management team with little  liquidity to operate when using short-term future payments (due in the next 90 days or less) to pay for the purchase.

This strategy leaves you with little working capital to operate. It also affects your ability to cover payroll, payment of suppliers and ultimately run your business.


Are you looking to finance a management buyout?

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