All of the persons working at Anthony Lanford have participated in numerous critical negotiations, assessments, acquisitions and sale of either an entire company or parts thereof.

All have been involved in a broad variety of business areas such as:

Telecom, Internet & IT, Food Production Facilities, Water Supply, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Hosting Facilities, Software Vendors etc.

All the different areas of business have many things in common when talking about the key to success and as such are key issues not that different.

Most of our transactions carried out are confidential, but certain cases can be disclosed when and if needed.


Anthony Lanford has served telecommunication companies around the world, helping them to better understand their customers, build superior networks, find sustainable paths to growth and to achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization.

We have completed many projects with clients seeking to encounter the largest challenges and address opportunities presented by the industry's continuous evolution.

Unsuccessfully too many executives approach their capital intensity challenge solely with focus on efficiency trying to squeeze as many projects as possible into a restrictive capital envelope.

The budget cuts and funding deferral as a consequence draw the focus away from a fundamental truth: You cannot cost-cut your way to a long-term profit growth!

You might be forced to take market share through Merger and Acquisition.

CEOs that fail to realize this fact are heading down a path that only allows the competition to win.


As technology executives well know, running software-, hardware- and technology-service businesses requires long-term vision and adaptability.

We have worked with clients within computer software and hardware-, semiconductors-, IT services-, storage-, components- and peripherals-sectors.

Anthony Lanford’s cross-sector expertise and global insights help technology companies compete and thrive in an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat.


Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands.

Anthony Lanford works with healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.

Our  pharmaceutical, medtech team brings diverse and deep experience to every healthcare engagement.

Anthony Lanford works alongside medical technology clients to develop and implement strategies to fuel cost-effective innovation and address the market needs of a broader range of products and services.

Drinking Water

At Anthony Lanford we have a long experience within the segment of water filtration and desalination and all aspects of the composition of high quality drinking water.

We are already active offering financial services within the water industry.

We can provide a complete water production- and bottle plant, delivered as a complete turn-key project.


The retail market sector with its razor-thin margins and relentless “big bets” on fashion developments, trends and timing — has never been a haven for the faint of heart.

Add the digital technology disruption, emerging market opportunities and changing consumer trends putting more variables in flux than ever before.

Anthony Lanfords works alongside leading retailers to develop and implement solutions that address today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities through Merger and Acquisition.

Merger and acquisition activities, which has grown two-digit annually during the past two decades, will continue to consolidate major players, making the industry more global and integrated — and changing the “rules-of-the-game”.

No longer a local game, agri-businesses must now take a worldwide perspective to compete effectively, with the nimbleness to adapt to shifting production sources and end markets.  


Energy is heat, It is light. It is work. Today’s energy companies know that powering our world means thinking beyond industry borders and definitions, pushing performance boundaries and redefining markets.

Anthony Lanford’s energy experts provide companies with profound expertise and experience across the oil & gas, utilities and renewables sectors to deliver operational excellence and fuel strategic growth through Merger and Acquisition.


The security Industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift, driven through technology and increasing market needs for customized security solutions .

The private security market continues to grow as the public sector is recognizing gains from outsourcing security responsibility presently performed by the police or other authorities and further more an increased awareness among private firms and public sectors regarding security, as well as an growing recognition of potential losses due to lack of security.

The Increasing cost of manpower leads to strong efforts to improve operating margins through a higher level of electronic based security solutions and value-adding services. 

Cost consciousness require security companies to be more efficient, well managed and innovative in its operations.

Anthony Lanford has profound knowledge and experience to advice security companies according to the market trends towards technology migration enabling new levels of value-added services and sustainable growth.